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Category: Restaurant
Hours: Sunday - Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday - Saturday 11am-12am
Address: 114 S. Detroit Ave, Tulsa OK 74120
Phone: 918-960-2011

“Specialty & Tradition, Guaranteed.”  STG means absolutely faithful to the true process.  Not almost the real thing; not simply close to the authentic.  STG means beholden to a standard, to THE standard.  The same tools, the same ingredients, and most importantly the same centuries-old process that creates the STG standard.

Each Wednesday from 6 until close, we offer an Italian wine that is not on our menu, at a value price with the price being even better on the bottle. We pair it with an appetizer and a pizza. One of those will also not be found on our regular menu.
I try to do 4 weeks of a certain winery at a time with a variety of their wines. I also try to switch off from white to red each week.